Become RJC’s Outreach Engagement Coordinator!


Outreach Engagement Coordinator

Schedule & Pay:

40 hours a week, $32.20/hr. 

Start Date:

November 2021  

Are you someone who has a deep passion for working with a grassroots organization to achieve and sustain  deep equity by building power to those historically underrepresented and reimagine a community where justice  exists for all people? If so, join Racial Justice Coalition (RJC) team as the Outreach Engagement  Coordinator. 

Position Overview 

The Outreach Engagement Coordinator will manage RJC’s Every Black Voice campaign. Every Black Voice  campaign seeks to engage thousands of Black community members, gather information, and identify specific  needs, wants, and dreams to inform RJC’s advocacy. In addition, the coordinator will manage operational and  logistical elements regarding community field organizing. 

Areas of Responsibility:  

Walk the Walk Project (WTW) and Every Black Voice (EBV) – RJC’s Community Canvass projects 

  • Manage projects’ budgets and deliverables by providing weekly goals and budget breakdowns, tracking  progress, and identifying ways to improve efficiency, including across multiple sources of funding
  • Develop, evaluate, and train volunteers on canvassers script, cutting turfs, and using SmartVAN  technology 
  • Supervise and build relationships with WTW and EBV canvassers, create a system for weekly progress  reports, review their data, and provide feedback for areas of improvement  
  • Collaborate and be an active presence with the Black Asheville Demands (BAD) project and other  organization’s projects that align with the goals of RJC  
  • Assist with Social Media marketing  
  • Work with the RJC team to transcribe audio recordings, using 
  • Support RJC leadership team and partners to hold regular Black Town Hall meetings
  • Collaborate with the Principle Investigators of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Policies  for Action research grant to meet deliverables outlined in the grant 

Highly Preferred Qualifications  

  • Familiar and comfortable using and training others to use technology tools, such as SmartVAN and  Clockify. 
  • Experience running neighborhood canvasses, including cutting turfs and training canvassers.
  • Experience Managing a team. 
  • Passionate about connecting with people to build a greater community  

Job descriptions will be reviewed from time to time and updated depending on the organization’s changing needs.

Application Information:  

RJC is looking for applicants committed to social justice work, and applicants from diverse backgrounds are  highly encouraged to apply. Previous justice involvement (formerly incarcerated) is not a barrier for the right  candidate. Send a resume, brief cover letter, and references to 

Advancing Lives, LLC will filter all applicants, and top candidates will interview with Racial Justice Coalition’s  leadership team. 

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