• Asheville Needs More Affordable Housing

    Issued on: 10/25
    This Tuesday, October 26th at 5 p.m, City Council will vote on a proposal to support the Haywood Street Congregation Development (HSCD) in developing a housing development that will provide 45 apartments to people earning between 30 and 80 percent of the Area Median Income.  Click here for an email template that encourages City Council to vote yes on moving…
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  • Black community members need direct representation on the Reparations Commission

    Issued on: 10/11
    Asheville has hired TEQuity to oversee the set-up of the Reparations Commission, but it remains unclear whether all Black community members will have a say in who represents them on this Commission, or whether that choice will be made exclusively by City Council members, County Commission members, and a handful of community members from only a few neighborhoods. We’re concerned…
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  • Solidarity Circles Supporting Engagement & Accountability

    Issued on: 02/05
    The RJC has a way to support our members’ anti-racist activism while combating fatigue and passivity: Solidarity Circles.   "Being a part of a Solidarity Circle is, for me, that connection I need to have a sustainable relationship with racial justice. Feeling connected to my small group helps me stay accountable and also keeps racial equity in focus in this fast-paced…
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  • Committee Watcher Project

    Issued on: 12/31
    What is the Committee Watcher Project?  If you’ve ever wondered how local policy comes to be, look no further! Although the ultimate authority for setting policy is held by the Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commission, much the work of planning and policy recommendations is done on a number of committees.  These committees are composed both of elected…
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