• Make A Public Comment on July 27th

    Issued on: 07/26 | Expired on: 07/28
    The Asheville City Council will address three issues on Tuesday 7/27 with racial justice implications: a noise regulation ordinance that could unfairly target people of color, a property tax relief program that is likely to help too few of those in need of relief, and a work session involving multiple millions of dollars of federal aid that is not open…
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  • Opportunities for Racial Justice on the June 15, 2021 Buncombe County Commission agenda

    Issued on: 06/12 | Expired on: 06/16
    The Buncombe County Commission meets this Tuesday, June 15, at 5 pm. They’ll be discussing a range of things. (You can review the full agenda here.) We encourage you to reach out to them to discuss several items before the meeting or to make a public comment at the meeting.  Click here for an email template that highlights the budget…
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  • Racial Justice Priorities for June 8th

    Issued on: 06/07 | Expired on: 06/09
    The June 8th Asheville City Council meeting has a number of advocacy opportunities. You can read more about each of them below. Click here for an email template that addresses each of these issues. (If the link doesn’t work for you, you can copy and paste the message below and send it to AshevilleNCCouncil@ashevillenc.gov) We invite you to personalize this…
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  • The Proposed 2021-2022 County Budget Must do More for Black Buncombe County Community Members

    Issued on: 05/31 | Expired on: 06/02
    (Also check out our latest call to action for the City of Asheville here) Buncombe County Manager Avril Pinder will present a draft budget on June 1, 2021 to the County Commission. We think that the County can go further in the direction of racial equity by increasing equity funding across the board, making allocations to the Reparations Fund, taking…
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  • Seed the Reparations Fund with $2.1 million on June 8th

    Issued on: 05/27 | Expired on: 06/09
    The agenda for the June 8th City Council meeting has been released, and there is promising news in it: Council has listened to the request for a standalone vote on Reparations funding, with the amount doubled from the original proposal. This is an important step in the right direction, and we applaud City Council for their approach. Now it’s necessary…
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  • The Proposed 2021-2022 Budget Must do More for Black Asheville

    Issued on: 05/24 | Expired on: 06/09
    Updated: Click here to see the latest call to action City Manager Debra Campbell presented a draft budget on May 25, 2021 to City Council. This budget contains the first allocation toward Reparations, which we applaud. We think that the City can go further in the direction of racial equity by solidifying the Reparations funding process, taking real strides toward…
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  • Racial Justice Items on the 4/27 City Council Agenda

    Issued on: 04/26 | Expired on: 04/28
    Asheville City Council will meet again on Tuesday, April 27th, at 5 pm. We’ve identified five items with racial justice implications on this meeting's agenda. Below you can find more information on each of those items as well as instructions on how to contact the City Council if you'd like to advocate with us. Consent Agenda D.1. High Intensity Drug…
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  • Encourage City Council members to prioritize Racial Justice at their next meeting

    Issued on: 03/20 | Expired on: 03/24
    On March 23rd, City Council will be voting on whether to remove the Vance Monument, and they need to hear that we support them in taking this important next step. Call or email Council today and sign up to make a public comment! Some suggested talking points, along with contact information, are below. At that same meeting, City Council will be…
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  • Ask City Council to Table the Hotel Development Policy Vote on February 23

    Issued on: 02/21 | Expired on: 02/24
    Thanks to your advocacy efforts, City Council has made substantial changes to the hotel development policy that was proposed during its February 9th Council meeting. However, these changes don’t do enough to advance racial equity and offset the harmful effects of hotel development on housing insecurity and gentrification, which have a disproportionate impact on Asheville’s Black communities.  We’re calling for…
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  • Ask City Council: Vote NO on New Hotel Development Policy

    Issued on: 02/08 | Expired on: 02/10
    The City Council announced its new proposed hotel development policy in a public hearing at its Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 9th. At first glance, it might have seemed that the City was requiring hotel developers to ensure that their hotel projects have benefits for (and offset the negative impacts to) our communities. On closer review, it became evident that these…
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  • Make a Public Comment at the Next County Commission Meeting

    Issued on: 01/02 | Expired on: 01/06
    The County Commission agenda for January 5th has several items on it that RJC members may want to comment on. Our breakdown of these items and their relevance to racial justice in our community is below. To make a public comment, you need to sign up by Monday, January 4th at 3 p.m. You can follow this link to sign up. If…
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  • Make a Public Comment on December 8

    Issued on: 12/07 | Expired on: 12/09
    The City Council agenda for December 8th has a number of items on it that RJC members can comment on. Our breakdown is below. To make a public comment, you need to sign up by Tuesday, December 8th at 9 a.m. and know which section of the agenda you are commenting on.  To make a live public comment during the…
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  • Advocate for anti-racist juvenile justice policy in NC

    Issued on: 12/01 | Expired on: 12/03
    The North Carolina Select Committee on Community Relations, Law Enforcement, and Justice is currently finalizing a report to the North Carolina General Assembly. It’s urgent that they make stronger proposals to keep Black and Brown kids out of the justice system. They are accepting public comments until Wednesday at 5 pm. Will you reach out to the Committee today? Click here to make a public…
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  • Support the $4 million Reparations Fund plan

    Issued on: 11/06 | Expired on: 11/10
    According to the Citizen Times, Council Member Keith Young was able to garner initial support for a $4 million fund for reparations from three of his colleagues: Council Members Brian Haynes, Antanette Mosley, and Sheneika Smith.* But in the same article, there are signs that one or more of them may be wavering in that support.  Will you contact all four of…
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  • Make A Public Comment on October 27

    Issued on: 10/24 | Expired on: 10/28
    There are two important matters that City Council needs to hear from us about on Tuesday: Council appears prepared to pass a resolution suspending the sale and rezoning of city-owned land that was obtained through urban renewal—something we’ve advocated for since early September. This is a positive development, but a closer look reveals some problematic details. The city is carving out…
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  • Make City Council Meetings Accessible and Equitable

    Issued on: 10/20 | Expired on: 10/28
    Please reach out to City Council and ask them to reinstate the Open Live Public Comment process (call-in public comment without pre-registration) for City Council meetings, to begin at their next meeting (10/27) and to continue once meetings transition back to an in-person format. After City Council passed a resolution on July 14th promising reparations to Black communities in Asheville,…
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  • Tell City Council: Vote NO on the Budget Amendment

    Issued on: 09/19 | Expired on: 09/23
    Tell City Council to Vote NO on the Budget Amendment and Work with the City Manager and Office of Equity and Inclusion to Craft a Budget that reflects Divest/Invest Priorities and implements an APD hiring freeze. City Council will vote on a Budget Amendment Proposal this Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020. The proposal was released on September 17th, 2020, and it…
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  • Rental Assistance

    Issued on: 09/23 | Expired on: 09/26
    The time for this action has passed. Click here for current actions Make a public comment: tell City Council to vote for rental assistance One of the agenda items on Tuesday's City Council agenda is the allocation of funds in response to COVID-19. Back in May, RJC members urged Council and city staff to come up with a plan for $615,000…
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  • Moratorium on City Land Seized During Urban Renewal

    Issued on: 08/25 | Expired on:
    Tell City Officials: Support a Moratorium on Selling City Land Seized During Urban Renewal As the process of reparations unfolds, Asheville City Manager Debra Campbell and the City Council can show their commitment to meaningful change in two ways: A moratorium on the sale of city land taken from the Black community needs to be on the September 8th City…
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  • Divest / Invest (Interim Budget)

    Issued on: 07/29 | Expired on: 07/30
    Tell Asheville City Council: Keep your word and pass an interim budget plan City Council is going to hold a budget vote on Thursday, July 30 at 5 pm. There will be no opportunity for public comment. It's essential that they hear from us today: Contact City Council (see instructions below)Invite them to be steady with their word and demonstrate…
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  • Divest / Invest (Tell City Officials)

    Issued on: 07/23 | Expired on: 07/27
    Tell Asheville City Officials: Divest from police and invest in community In early June, Asheville's Black community came together to make an important demand of the City: Divest from the police by at least 50%, and invest that money into the Black community. City officials at the time insisted that they needed time to develop a new budget. They promised to engage…
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  • Hickman Probation: Call to Action

    Issued on: 08/03 | Expired on: 08/11
    Tell Buncombe County District Attorney Todd Williams: Extend Officer Chris Hickman’s probation Former Asheville Police Department Officer Chris Hickman’s probation hearing for his assault on Johnnie Rush is happening August 10. It’s wrong for his probation to expire before he completes with integrity the terms of the agreement, which included community service and a restorative justice process. What to do: Contact…
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  • Make a Public Comment: tell City Council to divest from the police and invest in the Black community

    Issued on: 07/27 | Expired on: 07/29
    The Asheville City Council needs to listen to the community that it serves. The community is calling for Asheville to divest from the police and invest in the Black community. The community is asking for a process of deep public engagement to determine the way forward, rather than a secretive process with minimal participation from community members. Council needs to commit…
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