Make a Public Comment on December 8

The City Council agenda for December 8th has a number of items on it that RJC members can comment on. Our breakdown is below. To make a public comment, you need to sign up by Tuesday, December 8th at 9 a.m. and know which section of the agenda you are commenting on. 

  • To make a live public comment during the meeting you can sign up at or by calling the Clerk’s office at 828-259-5900. The meeting starts at 5 p.m. Tuesday and typically runs 1-3 hours. (Note: If you want to comment on more than 1 agenda item, you will need to fill out the form multiple times, indicating a different agenda item each time.)
  • Leave a voicemail comment by calling 855-925-2801, then Enter Code 9119. Deadline for prerecorded voicemail comments is 9:00 a.m. on December 8.
  • Email a written comment at

You can read the agenda in its entirety here. Below you can find our breakdown of the agenda, with items in each section that you might want to publicly comment on:

Consent Agenda 

When filling out the form to make a live public comment, choose “Consent” from the menu of agenda items to comment on.

Business Inclusion (Items C, I, & V)

Funding related to Policing (Items G, K, L.1., M.1., & U)

Authorizing the City Manager to purchase land (Item X)

New Business Agenda Item A – City loaning money for condo construction in West Asheville 

When filling out the form to make a live public comment, choose “New Business A” from the menu of agenda items to comment on.

  • Relevance to Racial Justice: This resolution would loan $1.2 million from the City’s Housing Trust Fund for the construction of 12 condominiums in West Asheville, which would be offered for sale at 80% of the Area Median Income.
  • What you might say about it: This housing development represents a substantial loan and depletion of the Housing Trust Fund to a project with no reparations implications. At the Housing and Development Committee meeting, then Council Member and Committee Chair Julie Mayfield responded to this concern by stating that any movement on reparations was at least a year or 18 months away (even though the city has committed to movement within the next 8 months). The RJC believes that reparations funding cannot be postponed into the indefinite future, and that major outlays of City capital need to be re-evaluated in light of City Council’s commitment to reparations. 
  • This $1.2 million dollars going towards homes for people making 80% of the AMI does not really address the need for deeply affordable housing. See these charts for the amounts for different percents of AMI
  • Relevant Documents – A. Consideration of a resolution to approve a Housing Trust Fund Loan of $1.2 Million to The Bryson Group to construct 12 for sale condominiums in west Asheville.

New Business C – Vance Monument Taskforce

  • Relevance to Racial Justice: It’s hard to say because there are no documents to review, but we’d suggest signing up to make a comment so that they have the opportunity to respond to these reports when they are presented.
  • What you might say about it: The Vance Monument Task Force voted 11-1 for removal. Apparently, City Staff wants Council to wait to vote on this matter until they have a worked out plan. It’s not clear why City Council can’t vote now for removal, and work out the details on how as staff prepares its plan.
  • When you can comment on this (if you’re signing up to comment live): New Business C
  • Relevant Documents – none have been published.

General Discussion / Public Comment 

When filling out the form to make a live public comment, choose “General Discussion / Public Comment” from the menu of agenda items to comment on.

  • The period for registering a public comment has been extended from noon the day before the Council Meeting to 9 a.m. the day of. 
    • What you might say about it: This is a step in the right direction, and we want to acknowledge Council and staff for listening to public requests for greater accessibility. While this new policy is more equitable than the one it replaces, the RJC continues to assert that a truly equitable policy would enable members of the public to call in to join a queue of commenters during City Council meetings. It’s also important that this live call-in process continues even when Council returns to meeting in the Council Chamber.
  • Three new members are joining City Council and this is an all-female council for the first time.
    • What you might say about it: What are your hopes and dreams for this new council? What do you expect to see from this leadership? What are some of the reasons that you voted for these individuals to serve our community that you expect to see their continued investment in? How are you offering to support this new council?