Video Series

“Talks from the ‘Ville” Video Series!

The Racial Justice Coalition is launching a Video Series, “Talks from the ‘Ville,” lifting up Black organizers and activists in Asheville who aren’t necessarily “moving with the mainstream.” In these conversations, community members talk about the solutions they are exploring and implementing to address the challenges that impact their own communities. 

Future video series episodes will be uploaded to the RJC Asheville YouTube Channel as they are completed.

Watch “Houselessness in Asheville,” the First Episode of the RJCS’s New Video Series “Talks from the ‘Ville” 

We encourage you to watch the first episode, a conversation between RJC Community Liaison Rob Thomas and Knowledge, a member of the Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness who does outreach work with folks who are houseless. In this episode, Rob and Knowledge work to rewrite the narrative currently being advanced by the media and the public about Asheville’s houseless population. Join us in re-humanizing our community members, acknowledging their strengths, and better understanding the conditions under which folks survive in our city.

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