Building the Case for Asheville / Buncombe Reparations – A Panel

On September 5th, 2023, RJC Executive Director Rob Thomas moderated a panel made up of local reparations leaders Ms. Dewana Little, Ms. Bobette Mays, Ms. Dee Williams, Ms. Dionne Greenlee-Jones, and Dr. Amieris Lavender.

We are proud to have co-hosted this important educational event with Warren Wilson College. Local reparations leaders from each of the Community Reparations Commission’s Impact Focus Areas (IFAs) presented our local case for reparations: why reparations are due, what they will repair, and how they will support our communities in reconnecting, rebuilding, and gaining access to opportunities that have previously been denied. The conversation explored what inequities for Black residents and communities look like in the Asheville/Buncombe area. Panelists also discussed the strengths and resources that exist for these residents and communities, and how local reparations can be built alongside – and with – these existing assets. 

Note: Unfortunately, YouTube’s recording experienced technical difficulties that resulted in an incomplete video. The recording is missing very small clips throughout and cuts off the last four responses to the last question posed. Keep an eye out for the Reparations Commission’s recommendations to the City and County, which will address many of these same questions. The RJC will continue to send you updates as the process moves forward.