Support the $4 million Reparations Fund plan

According to the Citizen Times, Council Member Keith Young was able to garner initial support for a $4 million fund for reparations from three of his colleagues: Council Members Brian Haynes, Antanette Mosley, and Sheneika Smith.* But in the same article, there are signs that one or more of them may be wavering in that support. 

Will you contact all four of these city leaders to encourage them to hold their ground?

  • Call and email Council Member Brian Haynes – 828-619-1776,
  • Email Council Member Antanette Mosley –
  • Call and email Council Member Sheneika Smith – 704-401-9104,
  • Call and email Council Member Keith Young – 828-407-1181,

The deadline to sign up to make a live public comment expired at noon Monday, November 9th, but you can still record a voicemail comment until Monday at 5 pm by calling 855-925-2801 Enter Code 8133.  Deadline for pre-recorded voicemail comments is 5:00 p.m. on November 9th. You can also send an email comment to until 5:00 p.m. on November 9th.

Please fill out the “report back” form below so we know what action you have taken or are planning to take. There are some talking points and further information below.

Some things you can say or write:

I know from your many prior statements how deeply you support reparations for the Black Community in Asheville, and that you believe that money must be set aside for this purpose. I have heard that you were initially supportive of Councilman Young’s proposal to pledge $4 million for a Reparations Fund, but that you have been getting pressured to cut that allocation by 75%. I urge you to stand with Councilman Young and insist on the $4 million plan. We all know that it’s just a fraction of what Black Asheville is owed. We all also know that standing up for reparations carries a significant political risk. I encourage you to follow your heart, and I want you to know that I’m ready to defend you for standing up for our Black community.

Further Information

Click here to read more about why reparations are due in Asheville.

* Asheville reparations: $4M funding proposed by outgoing council member though support unclear by Joel Burgess Asheville Citizen Times November 5, 2020